EquuRES and GONm label

After being awarded the EquuRES label at the beginning of 2015, the Pôle Hippique of Saint Lô continues its commitment to an eco-responsible approach by joining the Ornithological Group Normand ...

Label EquuRES

Under the guidance of the Horses Council of Normandy, the equine sector has put in place the EquuRES label, which enables companies to recognize their approach towards high environmental quality. Twenty structures have already been labeled.

This arrangement entails fulfilling a number of conditions, including those relating to the respect of biodiversity in the environment of the site. This is why Groupe Ornithologique Normand (GON) is concerned by the efforts of the sector and sits on the EquuRES labeling committee.

GON Membership

The Pôle Hippique of Saint-Lô has just started monitoring the population of birds occupying buildings, parks and bocages by adhering to the network of GONm's shelters. The agreement signed between the two structures stipulates that observers will have to realize regular inventories.

The first count on the Pôle site took place in June and on this occasion 32 species were recorded, including particularly noteworthy species: melodious linoleum and bullfinch, species endangered; And the hawk hawk hunting, raptor very localized in Normandy. The GONm shelters network currently has 250 sites in Normandy: farms, gardens, woods, quarries, golf courses, nurseries, schools ...

Each shelter is sponsored by a correspondent who undertakes to visit the site at least once a year with the owner. These sites are better known to men who make management decisions knowingly: try to do best in the interest of nature ...

As the convention summarizes, "the landowner undertakes to promote wildlife on all or part of his property whenever possible through management choices that are respectful of the habitats concerned."


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