Heritage Fair

From the 14th to the 16th June 2019, will take place the "Rencontres du Patrimoine" at the Pôle Hippique of Saint-Lô.

The private lounge area will be a meeting area for professionals, passionate and consumers, in the unique and symbolic buildings of the region.

70 professionals will be exhibiting in the stables of the Stud farm, so as the public can discover the variety and richness of the Norman craftsmanship.

These craftsmen, companies working towards preserving the Norman heritage, landlords and many more regional monuments will be represented. Visitors will also be delighted to visit the stunning gardens and profit from the numerous regional specialities tastings.
Many activities will be laid out for both children and families. A whole area will be dedicated to both "discovery" and "construction" activities as well as kids pony rides.

Many other activities will be available for the entire family: team of horses parades, blacksmiths demonstraztions and many other exhibitors. An all day restaurant will be available for the visitors, with a large choice of menues and take-aways.

The organisers and the Pole Hippique of Saint-Lô are looking forward to seing you at the Rencontres du Patrimoine.
Please note that a full program of the animations and demonstrations is to come.


More informations on www.salonpatrimoinemanche.fr

Marion LOIROT, chargée de mission Rencontres du Patrimoine - 07 87 78 77 50 - salondupatrimoine@polehippiquestlo.fr


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