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Initiated by Anne Thurneyssen (ancient head of Horse Normandy – association of Norman stockbreeders), Normandy Stables came into the world in April, 2017. Installed in the stable 7 of the National Stud farm, the stable of promotion and of marketing is specialised in horses of sports hunter (discipline of jump of obstacle aimed at judging the horseman and his horse on several criteria) but rest opened to the horses more portrayed CSO. These horses are prepared in objective to like for the North American market.

How came to you the idea of this plan? 
I had opportunity to work in close cooperation with many North American clients and to go to the United States to arrest better the market and the specific waitings of the clients. I then realised the potential market which represent the horses of Hunter and of Horse-riding. There was a true alcove to be grabbed.

Who can take advantage from this trade? 
The market of the United States represents an opportunity at the same time for the French sellers who commercialise horses with a strong added value, and for the North American clients who find an offer more spread by horses answering their waitings. 
Just that do they wait from a horse "Hunter"? 
The selection for sale is made according to very definite criteria, the horse must have of: 
- Ample and comfortable, oblique paces (gallop with good cover of ground) 
- A pretty model with fine members and a fine head, harmonious and round horse 
- A regular technology of jump and fashion designer with previous to 90 degrees above bars 
- A level of high dressage 
- An easy character 
- A visit veto and a test piroplasmose negative

Normandy stable, a teamwork? 
Several associates work on the development of the firm: 
Ann Thurneyssen, linked to 70 %, administrative management, communication and care of the horses 
Katherine Mc Mahon, American based in Canada, charged with relation with the foreign clients and the detection of the horses. 
Alizée Jeandon sports horse, broker based in France between Saint-Lô and is from France, charged with relations with the clients and with the detection of the horses it, specialised in the trade of the horses USA and Canada. 
Nicole Di Corti, entraineur of showjumping and hunter in USA, has his own structure in California 
The work of the horses is done by external horsemen in service benefit: Vincent Hervagault (hunter) and Celine Coursan (dressage). A society of cleaning of boxing intervenes regularly.

What is your objective today? 
Today, the firm pursues a definite aim, that to offer horses formed and adapted to American request. 
We have on average 3 - 4 horses at job. Purpose is not to make the quantitative but the qualitative. The horses are worked with their rhythms, a pushed veterinary monitoring is made on every horse. The installations of Equestrian Pole allow to work them in all conditions and to take them out regularly in competition. 
We set a quality-label up "hunter" in October during the regional of 3 years to help the stockbreeders to orientate their horses to the good purchasers. Alizée Jeandon and Katherine Mac Mahon accompanied with a judge of Quebec of hunter so allocated 4 quality-labels. Idea also was to sensitise the stockbreeders in the discipline of hunter which remains still confidential in France. Hunter is a cheap for the horses who are not too much suitable for pure showjumping but have dispositions as hunter.

How to sell a horse via stable Normandy? 
Pension to work for horses, that we leave ourselves right to choose for their aptitude and their potential to be " marketés " hunter or for showjumping. Pension job costs 450 euro a month to the owner. 
We count among the stockbreeders who trust in us Jean-baptist Thiebault, the Président de Cheval Normandy, possessing 150 horses at home, Animal husbandry of B’ neville (as Piaf de B' neville), Paul Dubos (animal husbandry of Heutière) and Jean-Pierre Kervadec (animal husbandry of By). 
Otherwise we also buy "green" horses from very much potential to promote them before their resale. 
Have you examples of horses for which their passage to Normandy Stables became a reality by a sale? 
Dakota, sold in the United States in Florida to make Derby of hunter and hunter. 
Calcite of By, sold in France to make elite of the amateur, (spent 4 months in stables). 
Djumandji of the Yew tree (Destiny of the Pit left to Nicole) and (left in Florida) for promotion and to be to commercialise there. 
Anglonorman Platière with his American horsewoman Aly Howard stayed on 1 and a half year to form in France (among which 5 months in stables) and left again in the United States and he earns 120 in Wellington.

You have questions? Do not hesitate to contact "Normandy Stables"

Anne Thurneyssen

Pôle Hippique de Saint-Lô

+ 33 (0)6 38 83 99 59


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