Grand Tournoi 2018


May 22, 2018

The Grand Tournoi at Lamotte-Beuvron took place the 19th, 20th and 21st of may. This is the national championship of equestrian team sports.

Some riders and horses of the equestrian center took part of the horse-ball competition.

  • Club Excellence 7, 5th rank for the team of Lucile, Emma, Mathilde, Sandy, Aymeric and Thomas
  • Gold medal for Max and Zihiyi in team "Les Élus" in Junior Élite
  • Gold medal for our pony Savane wich was ride by Amandine Laisney, a former rider of Saint-Lô, in Cadet 1 with the team of Chambly
  • In Cadet 1, 8th rank d'Eliot team and his pony Pandora
Congratulations !
Photo credit : Thomas Le Floc'h


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