Stallions master 2017

Stallions master 2017

Salon des étalons de Saint-Lô 2017 par wanlive

The Pôle Hippique de Saint-lô and the Stud-Book of Selle Français in partnership with ASEP (Association Syndicale des Etalonniers Privés) organize the Stallions Show of Sport on Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th February 2017 in the Hall of the Pôle Hippique de Saint

A large central track will allow the presentation of stallions (56x29m), while keeping the spirit of the stands around the track. Those will be booked to the breeders-exhibitors. A parade of stallions will open this 2017 edition of the Show on Saturday in the early afternoon.

A panoramic restaurant will allow you to spend a convivial moment while enjoying the presentations.

We offer stallion elite ponies to participate in the show to broaden and diversify the presentation.

Finally, the "Grand Match" event is renewed this year with a simplified settlement. This is a show jumping event for a team of 3 stallions inspired by the "Nations Cup" concept. The breeders present will be able to bet on the teams and win prodigies of the winning stallions. A total allocation of 6000 euros is allocated to this event without commitment fee.
The purpose of this event is to showcase the stallions while involving the breeders. The stallions participating in this event will also be presented on the track during the Show.

L'Eperon our partner will broadcast the list of stallions with the February edition of the magazine.

In conclusion, the Stallions Show of Sport of Saint-Lô remains more than ever turned towards the valorisation of stallions presented, and positions itself as the unavoidable rendezvous of the sector at the beginning of 2017.

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Association Hennuyère des éleveurs de chevaux de sport
Conseil des chevaux de Normandie
France Dressage
Organisation Normandie Poneys (ONP)
Stud-Book Selle Français

Stallions owners

Amelis Equitechnic
Béligneux le Haras
Ecurie de l’Humeau
Élevage d’été
Élevage du Thot
Élevage de Tame
France étalons
Gènes Diffusion
Groupe France élevage (GFE)
Haras d’Elle
Haras de Brullemail
Haras de Charmoy
Haras de Clarbec
Haras de Gravelotte
Haras de Hus
Haras de la Pomme
Haras de Semilly
Haras de Talma
Haras du Bois Margot
Haras des Bréviaires
Haras des Princes
Haras du Feuillard
Haras Numénor
Ibreed Agency
Le Petit Hautier
LTH DressValue’n Jump
SCEA Ecurie de Meautry
SCEA Tout y Fault

The Stallion Company

Xanthe & Balios

All road concept
Cheval Habitat
Wealth Horse

Green Normandy
Happy Foaling
Top Equine

Le Cheval

Legett Immobilier
Normandy Stabbles
Studio Delaroque
Vanylinn (artiste peintre)

The Stallions Trotters Master : 2nd edition

Friday 17 February will be devoted to stallions trotters, the will of the Pôle Hippique: open its doors to the world of racing. 

Enrollment Bulletins for 2017 below:

les masters lists sont en ligne !

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