Stallions master 2018

Stallions master 2018


The « Pole Hippique of Saint-Lô » and the Selle Français Stud-Book, in association with the “ASEP” (private stallion owners association) and the « ONP » (Normandy Pony Organisation) organise the 2018 Sport Horses and Ponies Stallion Show on Saturday, February 24th and Sunday, February 25th.

Enjoy the stallions’ presentations on the big main track (56x29m) with stud farmers exhibitors’ booths all around. A parade will start this 2018 edition on Saturday. The panoramic restaurant will allow you to have good time during the presentations.


On the programme:  

  • The « Masters L’Eperon » will be organised before the « Grand Match » in order to give the breeders the opportunity to get a full presentation of 5&6 years old young stallions.
  • The « elite » ponies stallions will be able to participate too in order to widen and diversify the presentation.


The ponies stallions destined to do jumping, dressage or eventing must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Be a high performer or recognised upon descendants
  • Approved at 2 or 3 years old by the young pony genetics’ program
  • Participation to the « classic cycle » (SHF) at 4, 5 or 6 years old in 2017
  • Having at least a « Jumping Pony Index » of 130 or a « Jumping Index » of 120
  • And/or having produced at least 5 foals with a « Jumping Pony Index » of 120 or a « Jumping Index » of 110

The "Grand Match" competition is renewed this year with simplified rules. It consists in a show-jumping competition in teams composed of 2 stallions inspired by the "Nations Cup" concept. The breeders could bet on teams and win services of the winners stallions. The competition is composed of a unique round with a jump-off and whose aim is to highlight the stallions while encouraging the breeders’ participation. The stallions will also be presented on the track during the show.


To conclude, the Sport Stallion Show of Saint-Lô works towards the promotion of sport stallions and remains a breeding key event of the beginning of the year 2018.


Consult online the exhibitors’ registration papers here.

Consult online the stallions’ registration papers here.


Journées de formations IFCE


December 11, 2017

Journées IFCE, l'IFCE (Institut Français du Cheval et de l'Equitation) propose la retransmission sur le site du Pôle Hippique de Saint-Lô de quatre journées de formation ouvertes à tous - NOUVEAUTE...

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December 2017 schedule

Equestrian center

December 7, 2017

Download the schedule : 

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Warm up 2018

Pôle Hippique de Saint-Lô

December 7, 2017

Pendant l'hiver, le Pôle Hippique de Saint-Lô propose aux cavaliers exterieurs d'utiliser le manège du Hall du Pôle (9, 10 et 17 janvier) la carrière Normandie 2014 (23 ou 24 janvier, 13 ou 14 février) ou la ...

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Stages SHF

Pôle Hippique de Saint-Lô

December 6, 2017

Comme chaque année la SHF propose aux cavaliers professionnels des stages de préparationau circuit SHF. Animés par Laurent Elias, ancien sélectionneur national, le stage s’organise en trois parties :  2...

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Stallion show 2018

Pôle Hippique de Saint-Lô

November 27, 2017

Salon des étalons de Saint-Lô 2018 : le rendez-vous de l’élevage français ! On February 24th and 25th, the « Pole Hippique of Saint-Lô »  - Normandy, France -, will gather stallion...

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Forum des métiers de l'agriculture et du milieu rural

Jeunes Agriculteurs de la Manche

November 17, 2017

Le 14 décembre, l'association Jeunes Agriculteurs de la Manche organise un forum des métiers de l'agriculture et du milieu rural au hall du Pôle hippique.  Cet événement vous offre de nombreuses an...

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